2014: Report on Portable Light Dome in Cuneiform Studies

Hendrik Hameeuw 2014: Portable Light Dome System, from registration to online publication within the hour: status quaestionis Portable Light Dome project for cuneiform documents

Portable Light Dome System - From Registration to Online Publication within the Hour_titlepage

Reflectance imaging has proven its value over the past decade. Thanks to this imaging technique cultural heritage artefacts can now be studied and presented in ways which were/are inconceivable with established digital photography. Research centres and users groups all over the world have experimented with the approach. Cuneiform studies in particular have benefited from these new possibilities. Throughout the development of this technology clay tablets with inscribed text and impressed seals were recorded with different methods in the reflectance imaging arsenal.

This report, a status quaestionis, gives a overview of the accomplishments of the Portable Light Dome system over the last years within the field of Cuneiform Studies and it confronts the approach with other imaging technique common for that field.


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