New book conservation friendly microdome presented during the Conference Workshop of Inside Illuminations

Museum Plantin Moretus, The Bible of Conrad von Vechta, Bohemia, 1402

Museum Plantin Moretus, The Bible of Conrad von Vechta, Bohemia, 1402

On Friday 6th of June 2014, the RICH workshop was attended by the participants of the Brussels conference Inside Illuminations, Art Technical Research and the Medieval Manuscripts. The conference was organized by Illuminare (Centre for the Study of Medieval Art, KU Leuven), the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (Brussels), and UCL (Louvain-la-Neuve).

A RICH project poster, illustrated the collaboration of the team with the Museum Plantin-Moretus, Antwerp ( Unesco World Heritage). De presentation illustrated the imaging of one of the masterpieces of the collection: Monitoring illuminations and gilding characteristics with the RICH Minidome, The Bible of Conrad von Vechta, Bohemia, 1402


The conference Inside Illuminations was a meeting intended to advance interdisciplinary research on technical art history and the medieval illuminated manuscript by providing a forum for scholars working on specific manuscripts, on illuminators’ practice and on recently developed research tools and databases. During the workshop, Marc Proesman (ESAT), Bruno Vandermeulen (Digital Imaging Lab) and Lieve Watteeuw (Arts & Illuminare) documented recent developments in hard- and software, followed with detailed case-studies in imaging of graphic materials.

On this occasion, the RICH presented the new prototype of the microdome, developed with a smaller cupola of 30 cm holding 220 white LEDs. For book conservation reasons, a slice of the microdome can be removed, allowing the tool to monitor into the gathering of a book (opening at 100°). The Microdome is mounted on a specially adapted conservation book cradle, designed by the university of Graz in Austria. Fragile books with delicate bindings can be monitored through RTI, without risk to stress or damage. Light suction on a bar is flattening gently the paper or parchment folios during the three minutes of imaging.


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