Recording @ Cornell University (US)

From July 27 – August 9 the Portable Light Dome system was used at the Cornell University to scan a total of 180 cuneiform tablets. This imaging program was scheduled in support of the upcoming publication of these Old Babylonian texts by Prof. K. Abraham, Prof. em. K. van Lerberghe and G. Voet. During this run the PLD made scans with two different camera’s, the Manta G504C IRC and the Prosilica GX6600c, both from Allied. From one and the same surface with both camera’s a same best-possible-recording was made. Below a comparison to illustrate the differences between the low-definition Manta (5 mill. pixels) and the Prosilica (28 mill. pixels). The test proved no real or sufficient benefit could be found in using the HD-camera when monitoring cuneiform tablets. Only for large tablets, with many lines of cuneiform script the test showed in favor for the Prosilica.

CUNES49-15-687_compileft: 5 mill. pixel Manta; Right 28 mill. pixel Prosilica


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