Imaging bookbindings @ Museum Plantin-Moretus


This week the Illuminare RICH team is imaging a part of the collection of medieval and early modern bookbindings of the Museum Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp. This morning we looked to the blindtooled binding of philosophical work from 1499 Christopher Plantin himself bought from John Clement, teacher of the children of Thomas Morus.

With RICH minidome we can reveal the impression of the Tudor rose panel stamp, create the “digital rubbing” and create a height map in order to measure and visualize in detail the impression the binders monogram FE Frederck Egmont. (imprint of 1,056 mm deep in the sheep leather – total height of the monogram: 8,217 mm – see image below right )

Museum Plantin Moretus, Antwerp, OB 4.5 (details upper cover)



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